ralat pandangan soal hijabers

mungkin akan ada yang nggak sepakat, tapi ya namanya juga hidup kan. :p

jadi gini,

seiring waktu, ada beberapa hal yang saya sadari belakangan ternyata kurang tepat.

salah satunya tentang pandangan saya soal hijabers.

saya dulu paling getol menyuarakan bagi cewek-cewek untuk jangan selfie, mukanya jangan di-imut2in, di-monyong2-in, dst

lebih-lebih kalau hijabers.

bahwa sebaiknya para hijabers lebih menjaga adab, aurat, untuk menjaga marwah agama.

sebenarnya masih gitu juga sikap saya sekarang.

cuma, gara-gara saya terlalu fokus pada sisi negatif dari aktifitas begituan para hijabers ini, saya jadi lupa melihat betapa besar impact keberadaan mereka.

saya lupa kalau pakaian syar’i (baik yang stylish maupun yang nggak) udah sangat membumi sekarang.

kalau kita jalan, udah banyak yang pake pakaian syar’i.

stylish-stylish mereka. enak dilihat.

dan mereka menggunakannya dengan perasaan bangga, senang, nggak malu, nggak takut dianggap kampungan, dst.

dulu, orang-orang tuh malu lho pake rok, pake jilbab gede.

sekarang udah jadi lifestyle.


fenomena ini bisa sebegini dahsyat gara-gara siapa?


karena mereka lah pakaian syar’i jadi membumi dan terkesan elegan sekarang.

kalau nggak ada mereka, boleh jadi sekarang cewek-cewek masih malu pake rok dan jilbab besar.

oke, paham, saya juga masih belum bisa 100% meng-iyakan.

sebaiknya cewek-cewek menjaga diri dan nggak foto-foto kan?

iya, saya setuju. dan memang seharusnya begitu.

tapi kalau kampanye menolak tindakan hijabers kita lakukan, boleh jadi hijab dan gamis akan kembali ditinggalkan.

khususnya remaja ya.

mereka butuh role model. yang keren-keren. yang kece-kece. yang cantik-cantik.

saya mengibaratkan hijabers ini kayak keuangan syariah di indonesia.

bahwa belum 100% syariah, iya, kita akui, dan kita kritisi, dan kita perjuangkan agar 100% syariah.

tapi, jangan pula kita tolak 100%.

kalau kita tolak saat masih tertatih kayak sekarang, gimana mau berlari keuangan syariah di Indonesia.

kalau kita tolak kampanye pakaian syar’i ala-ala hijabers yang memang masih banyak kurangnya, gmn mau massive penggunaan pakaian syar’i di Indonesia.

ini kan masih tertatih, masih baru-baru mulai, tapi nanjak, angkanya semakin nambah, dan seiring jalan pelan-pelan kita ubah (agar lebih syar’i lagi)

mesti kita dukung terus.

pelan-pelan in syaa Allah saya yakin arahnya akan ke sana kok.

in syaa Allah.


Snooping around some nice houses, See These 12+ Photos

Are you one of those people (like me) that owns previous nice big houses and also attempts to peer via the windows to have a look at exactly how they’ve embellished? It’s borderline weirdo-town I understand, however there’s something concerning exactly how individuals live, particularly individuals with moolah, that is strangely remarkable.

Yearly AO.com and also LivingEtc collaborate to run House Tours, essentially, where insides stressed folks like us reach snoop around nice houses as well as not get the police called on us. I went along for the first time this year – the excursion began in Chelsea (ooooh darling) so I knew we ‘d be on to some gooduns.

A great deal of your homes are additionally used as location houses, so some I had seen prior to yet there was additionally lots of freshness.

Nice House 1.

We could not fire inside your home below, however we might the yard. As well as what a garden it was! Assume mediterranean vacation home and yard, other than in the midsts of South West London. So peaceful and also beautiful.


Nice House 2.

House 2 was seriously diverse! Lots of colour as well as character throughout. The owner is a colour professional so there you go …


House 2 was everything about colour and also clashing prints and also patterns. Of all the interior inquiries/ problems I get from close friends and also visitors the most asked is about ‘not getting it incorrect’. If anything this house verifies that anything goes as lengthy as you simply go all out. The greatest error in ‘not obtaining it incorrect’ is holding back to much and also not simply totally immersing yourself in the world of goofy.

Nice House 3.

This set was very different to the previous two, much more contemporary and Scandi influenced. It likewise had a huge glass sunroom in the direction of the back – uncertain why I really did not get any kind of images of that bit?!


House 3 demonstrated how a lot a various having excellent all-natural light could make. Your home itself was painted in much lighter colours and also as you can see the accessorising was quite marginal, however the natural light actually made this set. I’ll definitely be thinking of this when we move on into our next house.

House Improvement Suggestions: 5 Nice Interior Design by Candice Olson

Seasoned designers generally have actually improved their own procedure for developing top quality style for a range of clients. Where styles are really wealthy and impeccable. Simply remember which each design must useful anyhow. Need to you be learning interior design, thinking about interior design, or searching for a fantastic interior designer, you should understand a variety of the top designers on earth. Bear in mind also that there’s an incredibly specific calligraphy as well as fashion of lettering for each Hebrew personality. Most contemporary and some conventional styles could be developed of slabs.

Even a little component of top quality stonework can gain a huge difference. Then you could pick if you intend to opt for one kind and also contour of rock for instance, crystals or pearls, you could have a sole hair or you may likewise go with a layered appearance of a couple of stands of exactly the same rock. With the broad variety of colours, surfaces, and also structures easily offered, ceramic lamps could locate an area in nearly any kind of house or work environment. Colour is a massive subject. In instances such as this, black would certainly function well.

However just what’s more, Candice and also Norwalk have exactly the very same belief which everybody has the capability to express their individual design with the help of a couple of conventional design principles as well as premium furniture,” he described. Candice Olson was utilized as an expert developer team with members having the ability and also experience in interior designing in various kind of area. He is my favored indoor developers.


Today will certainly have a number of offers for all. The website was smooth, trendy as well as extremely polished. If you resemble me, you desire suggestions that will work, once and for all. Generally it was fairly a wonderful experience for us and also we would certainly recommend her without hesitation.” As soon as you’ve decided on that you have to constantly pick the best quality you might afford. 1 brand has been fairly trustworthy in relation to fashion which is Ralph Lauren.

The focus of a room needs to be emphasized through line, type, color and also texture. Prior to making a last option, it’s constantly a great suggestion to place some paint up in the area to understand how it seems at different times of the day. Working with colour takes a fair bit of method. Her emphasis to information which may diminish your house was insightful.

You could observe just one or you may observe numerous in a little area. It’s simply a big open room. Or, once more, when you have a large cellar space, you could generate a multi-functional basement. Storage space was king within this room.

If your basement is big enough, you can make a family members lounge space. In the event the space doesn’t have one, that’s as soon as the style procedure comes to be amazing. Living areas need to accomplish their name. A well made room is going to have linked whole that offers a sensation of order. Each bed room may be a specific type of table lights to coordinate with the layout style and character of somebody residing in a room. In relation to divine bedroom, you additionally need to look closely at the space circulation. If you intend to decorate your divine design bedroom, there’ll be some considerations you need to take.


5 concepts to enhance your house in a very easy, nice as well as cheap means.

Today I intend to share 22 ideas for you to enhance your house easily, beautifully as well as inexpensively. There are several alternatives with which you could embellish any area of your house with which you could conserve some money while giving you a totally various touch to the appearance of your house. Naturally as in every little thing there are alternatives with which you will certainly spend greater than with others yet you decide according to your opportunities the ideas that you intend to try. I wish you like all the suggestions that I found to share and that you could implement them soon.











I will discuss a few of the suggestions that in my opinion are the most effective for these celebrations in which your house requires some information that offers a different touch and also it appears that you have redesigned your home, so you determine just what you assume are the ones you require Your home or otherwise. As an example, plants are among one of the most usual choices that are added to the interior decoration today and there are different sizes with which you can consider that touch you desire, they can be hanging or the normal that are placed in flower pots, also Others extremely renowned that are the succulents that could embellish the shower room of your house or your space, you could put them on racks as well as they will not cost you more of $ 30.00 pesos each one. Other alternatives are the shelves, the tapestries that you can put in any room as well as wall, they provide a really classy touch to the space so do not hesitate to try this, in addition to the wallpaper is very economical as well as including it appears to remodel your whole House for how various it looks.

Maintaining Mama Hunk Away: 3 Simple Ways to Maintain Your House Looking Nice & Tidy

Need to know a secret? I can not stand mess and mess. Okay that’s most likely not a huge trick in and of itself however when points in my house are unpleasant and disorderly I transform. Yes, change practically right into this huge terrifying superhuman mother; kind of like The Hulk.

I’m obtaining worried just considering it. Exactly how do I maintain my house looking nice and neat to ensure that I’m not stressed to the max and also ready to go all Mom Hulk on my household? It’s actually very simple and also today I’m going to tell you about it.
3 Simple Ways to Maintain Your House Looking Nice & Tidy

1. Every little thing has its place as well as if it doesn’t, throw it in a wardrobe.
Now, I’m not talking about deep cleaning or organizing. You’re a mommy and also you more than likely have children so occasionally it’s more practical to fake it than making it take place day-to-day. Pick a space or storage room and also seriously, for a while simply throw things in there. I typically tidy whatever from my wardrobe once a month yet like I claimed, for quick clean up works, this is certainly my top idea.
How to be tidy bona cost-free and easy

2. Maintain simple cleaning products around for those little spills and faults and also maintain your floor clean!
Perhaps I’m odd, yet sweeping and also cleaning up the floor is very pleasing for me. It’s the one job that I do daily because it makes a huge difference in appearance. It’s likewise relatively very easy to rope an older child right into assisting also. I personally really like Bona free & basic wood floor because it is available in a spray bottle that’s simple to take care of. Much more importantly, it’s a hypoallergenic, water-based formula that’s devoid of dyes and fragrances that works on the most difficult gunk yet mild enough for little hands and feet.
Bona cost-free & straightforward wood floor cleaner

Just what I’ll do, is do a great sweep at the end of the day then I make use of Bona on the floor that’s below where my kids’ consume. My benefits do they make a mess! Spray, wipe up and you’re good to go. Then when it’s time to do a deep tidy I can still use Bona and also do a much more detailed task. You can locate Bona free & basic at Lowes, Home Depot and also Bed, Bathroom & Beyond. Make sure to follow them on Facebook to ensure that you’re never out of the loop.

3. Usage bins and cabinets for simple plaything pick up.
Having a simple method to get toys as well as other child things, you understand, the stuff that ends up all over your house, is so essential when it comes to having a clean home. You’re a mother now as well as you do not have time to arrange every little each day so make sure that toys have a place of their very own that’s easily obtainable for little assistants to rout their own. I’m not stating that they constantly will certainly or that they’ll do it with a happy attitude; I absolutely really did not like getting my playthings when I was a child and also trust me, my own children are following suit.

It’s simple, 3 basic ways to keep your home feeling neat and also neat. Keep Mother Hulk away by putting stuff in a wardrobe or space for quick and simple clean-up, sweep your floorings daily and maintain Bona free & simple available for rapid area cleansing, and utilize containers for playthings.

Attempt Bona’s line of free & simple cleaning products for yourself, and also adhere to @mybonahome on Facebook to remain current on item information, offers, as well as their upcoming sweepstakes!Pin the below picture and also wait for later!



All of us know the value of plants. They provide us fresh air to breath as well as we all understand it quite possibly, yet several avoid planting at home! The reason being that numerous are as well lazy to sprinkle them every day and care for them. House plants not just provides us fresh air to breathe or add a planning to your house, however several plants are aromatic that could maintain your home smelling good; in this manner you can completely ditch room fresheners that contain synthetic and also toxic ingredients. Below are the top fragrant houseplants for a nice scenting home:


Tranquility lily not only removes pollutants from the air, they also look and scent lovely as well as could make your workplace look appealing. Tranquility lily has a really mild floral smell that lasts all day. Peace lilies could be placed in lots of areas including windowsills, on tables or workdesks, depending on the size. Simply give these with brilliant light after that they will certainly grow conveniently. More: Ideal plants for workplace >>


Having a lemon balm plant around could also enhance your state of mind and boost wellness. Its light and fresh scent is an excellent wake-up in the morning. The only point you need to bear in mind is sprinkling it! Your plant will certainly grow in nearly any type of light problems yet it ought to be maintained moist, so watering in time periods is necessary!


There are many sorts of aromatic orchids as well as they all scent various (such as Vanilla planifolia, the vanilla orchid etc.). Lots of orchid scents appear at a particular time of day, generally affected by light, temperature level, or various other elements so they are best placed near the home windows.


Rose is a popular house plant yet make certain you maintain it in your windows in straight light and give it with enough water. Roses have the capability to bursting your house in rosy fragrance at regular intervals particularly when the wind enters your home travelling through the roses positioned in the windows.


Jasmine blossoms do not have a popular scent however specie called jasminum polyanthum is a type that is frequently grown indoors as well as releases light sweet-floral fragrance in the night. The plant requires ample sunlight so keep it near the home windows as well as water them sometimes.


Citrus plants give off positive and also light citrusy scent much like lemon, oranges, tangerines and so on. These calming scents uplift your mood and make you feel revitalized as well as refreshed. Area these plants near the home windows due to the fact that they need enough sunlight.


Lavender is a widely known aromatic plant as well as is known for its calming scent that is terrific for putting you to sleep naturally. Lavender plant is likewise a mosquito repellent! The fragrance is also positive when as compared to the strong-smelling insect repellent lotions. Grow it indoors near a bright home window, or outside in your yard or flower bed to keep the bugs away.


Motivating Quotes for Home Decor

Ever since I could remember I have actually been stressed with motivating quotes. I used to plaster them around my wall surfaces, scribble them, print them … some points never transform.

While on our trip to Kauai recently, I came across a quote that I loved. I wanted to earn a big ol’ indicator so badly however it was just also large. I could not do it. So I made a decision to find home and also develop my own variation. I wanted the indication to be prominently included in my home to make sure that my kids can see easily.

I had an additional blank wall surface that required something inspirational on it yet had not been having any good luck locating the appropriate point. So I created another one for that wall surface. It fits completely in our family room with our huge The golden state map. I remain in love.

Do you want some inspiring quotes for your home decoration?

Exactly what do you do as soon as you download and install the print?


Instructins for making home quotes decoration:

  1. 1. Send out the print( s) to be printed at one of 2 areas– someplace that prints huge posters (24 ″ x36 ″ dimension) like Walgreens or to a workplace supply shop to publish a designer print.
    You can use a voucher at Walgreens (they always have photo promo codes, you can just google “Walgreens image voucher”) to have it printed nicely. If you do not mind having a paper version, you can have it printed at Staples, Workplace Max, FedEx Kinkos, etc. The price is substantially less– normally under $4. Both areas must be ready in the very same day.
  2. 2. Go to the image area on Walgreens– > upload jpg—- > select poster—- > 24 ″ x36 ″ as well as location your order
    Most likely to Staples.com— > Store by category— > Replicate & print—- > Engineering prints— > Upload and select 24 ″ x36 ″.
    Email Office Depot (each shop has an email) and also affix the jpg with instructions on just what you would certainly such as done.
  3. 3. Obtain your framework and also hang it. I buy my frames from Pastime Entrance hall due to the fact that they are always 50% off or you could utilize your 40% off discount coupon. It’s a big frame so it’s a little costly however totally worth it for significant art in my opinion. Ta- da!

Quotes regarding Home

  • Home is where we really feel secure. Be motivated by these home quotes. You might live in a house, a condominium, a house, a dorm, a cottage, your residence is your home. As well as you need to feel comfortable and also material wherever your home is.
  • ” Home is where we ought to feel secure and also comfy.” Catherine Pulsifer.
  • Home is where we feel safe and secure. Be influenced by these home quotes. You might live in an apartment, a condominium, a house, a dorm room, a cottage, your house is your home. As well as you must feel comfortable and material wherever your home is.
  • ” Home is where we ought to feel safe and secure and also comfy.” Catherine Pulsifer.
    Being Yourself |
  • ” The payback isn’t simply a clean house – it’s an extra gratifying, much more purposeful life. Minimalism is an indispensable secret to the far better life you’ve been looking for all along.” Joshua Becker, The Even more of Much less: Locating the Life You Desired Under Whatever You Have.

24 Fabulous Home Sugary food Home Quotes for You.

  1. A home is a location where laughter endlesses, Love always expand, where you obtain enormous joy, where you constantly locate caring people around you, where God always bath his true blessings. Yes, a family members makes a home, place where every object positioned with love speaks exactly how unique it is!
  2. Wherever we go, whatever we do, at the end of the day we require our home. A location made from love, care, wellness, peace, an area where our childhood memory exists, an area where someone is awaiting us.
  3. We all really feel yearning, most of us like our family, so here are some beautiful home quotes for you. Hope you’ll like them.
  4. It’s good to be home.
  5. Our house is tidy enough to be healthy and balanced as well as filthy adequate to be delighted.

  6. Chase your dreams but constantly recognize the roadway that will lead you home once again.
  7. Home is anywhere my bunch of crazies are.
  8. If you acquire stuff you like, despite age or price, your home will certainly be a true reflection of you.
  9. This home has limitless love giggling & laundry.
  10. A house without publications is like a space without home windows.

  11. Joy is homemade.
  12. Home is where love lives. Memories are created. Friends are always welcome as well as laughter never ends.
  13. The harsh paradox of household chores individuals only observe when you do not do it.
  14. It’s not the home I love yet the life that is lived right here.
  15. Having someplace to go is Home. Having somebody to love is household. Having both is a blessing.

  16. One of the most crucial work you will ever before do will be within the wall surfaces of your very own home.
  17. Any kind of home can be a castle when the king and queen remain in love.
  18. The house was clean yesterday. Sorry, you missed it.
  19. Have nothing in your house that you do unknown to be useful or believe to be stunning.
  20. What i enjoy most regarding my home is. Who I share it with.

  21. Both people cannot look efficient the same time. I’s either me or the house!
  22. It takes hands to built a house, however just hearts could built a home.
  23. Home is where I’m with you.
  24. Home, giggling, happiness, kindness, practice, love, treatment, true blessings, peace, wellness, creative thinking family.


Home Sweet Home Sayings and also Quotes

Listed below you will certainly locate our collection of inspiring, wise, and also amusing old home wonderful home quotes, home wonderful home expressions, and also home wonderful home sayings, collected for many years from a selection of sources.


You could never ever go home once more, but the fact is you can never leave home, so it’s okay.

Maya Angelou

Home is not where you live but where they comprehend you.

Christian Morgenstern

After you leave home, you could discover on your own feeling homesick, even if you have a new home that has nicer wallpaper as well as a more efficient dishwasher compared to the home in which you matured.

Lemony Snicket

He is happiest, be he king or peasant, that discovers peace in his home.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



There is nothing like remaining at home for real comfort.

Jane Austen

Home is a shelter from storms-all type of tornados.

William J. Bennett

Home is where the heart is.

Pliny the Elder

Home is where the heart can laugh without shyness. Home is where the heart’s rips could dry at their own speed.


Home, the place of earth supremely blest, A dearer, sweeter area compared to all the rest.

Robert Montgomery


Where we like is home, home that our feet could leave, yet not our hearts.

Oliver Wendell Holmes

The light is just what overviews you home, the warmth is exactly what maintains you there.

Ellie Rodriguez

Tranquility that was the other name for home.

Kathleen Norris

Home is the area where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in.

Robert Frost


Home is where we should feel secure and also comfortable.

Catherine Pulsifer

If Home is where the heart is then could your Home be blessed …

John McLeod

A house is constructed from walls as well as beam of lights; a home is built with love and also desires.


A guy’s home is his castle.


Home sweet home. This is the place to locate happiness. If one doesn’t locate it right here, one does not locate it anywhere.

M. K. Soni

I do not recognize just how anyone could live without one tiny location of enchantment to count on.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Nature is not an area to go to, it is home.

Gary Snyder


You might leave of the house, yet you always returned home.

Witold Rybczynski

Home is one of the most preferred, and also will be the most enduring of all earthly establishments.

Channing Pollock

The sunlight in your home warms far better compared to the sunlight somewhere else.

Albania Proverb

Home is where there’s one to enjoy us.

Charles Swain

Home the blessed word, which opens to the human heart one of the most ideal glance of Paradise, and also aids to bring it thither, as on an angel’s wings

Lyda M. Kid

No matter under just what circumstances you leave it, home does not stop to be home. Despite exactly how you lived there-well or inadequately.

Joseph Brodsky

If you recognize you’re going home, the journey is never too tough.


Excellent food as well as a cozy kitchen area are what make a house a home.


The home is the center and also circumference, the beginning and also the coating, of most of our lives.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Individuals typically are the happiest in the house.

William Shakespeare

Home quotes with lengthy words

o issue how dreary and also grey our houses are, we people of flesh and blood would rather live there than in other nation, be it ever so gorgeous. There is no location like home.

L. FRANK BAUM, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

In nations where people need to flee their residences due to persecution as well as physical violence, political remedies should be discovered, peace and tolerance restored, to ensure that refugees could return home. In my experience, going home is the deepest dream of many refugees.

ANGELINA JOLIE, BBC News meeting, Apr. 8, 2004

Home is the area, where, when you need to go there, they have to take you in.

ROBERT FROST, “The Death of an Employed Man”

Some maintain the Sabbath mosting likely to church;
I maintain it staying at home,
With a bobolink for a chorister,
As well as an orchard for a dome.
EMILY DICKINSON, Some maintain the Sabbath going to Church

There are some individuals who believe that home is where one hang’s one’s hat, however these people have the tendency to stay in storage rooms and also on little secures.

DANIEL HANDLER (as Lemony Snicket), Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can not Prevent

Birds finish the nest with their own bust, so it is the breast that makes the home, and also not the expense or the claw.

HENRY WARD BEECHER, Sayings from Plymouth Pulpit

Such is the patriot’s brag, where’er we wander,
His initial, best country ever before is, at home.

I seem like I have actually never had a home. You understand? I really feel pertaining to the country, to this country, and yet I aren’t sure exactly where I suit. And the very same thing applies to the theater. I aren’t sure specifically just how well I fit into the scheme of points. Possibly that’s good, you recognize, that I’m not in a niche. Yet there’s constantly this type of nostalgia for a location, a place where you can consider on your own. Currently I have actually discovered that what’s most beneficial regarding that area is not the area itself however the other individuals; that via other individuals you could discover an acknowledgment of each other. I assume that’s where the genuine home is.

SAM SHEPARD, Don Shewey’s Sam Shepard

Home is an area psychological. When it is empty, it frets. It is complaining with memory, faces as well as positions as well as times passed. Beloved pictures rise in disobedience and also make a mirror for emptiness.

MAEVE BRENNAN, The Site visitor

It is easy to listen to away mirrors unmoved, and also we can treat them with shock, or ridicule, or derision, or whatever mindset of cold might match our purpose. Yet when the detraction came close home it was another matter; as well as the sensations of independence and honesty which remains in individuals of every area which is not utterly ruined, insisted itself as well as required that stricture needs to be expressed.

BRAM STOKER, “The Secret of the Expanding Gold”

I’m outlining my winter clothing as well as wishing I was gone,
Going home, where the new york city winters typically aren’t bleedin’ me.
PAUL SIMON, The Fighter

It is always unfortunate when someone leaves home, unless they are just walking around the edge as well as will return in a few minutes with ice-cream sandwiches.

DANIEL TRAINER (as Lemony Snicket), Horseradish: Bitter Truths You Can not Avoid

Shod with wings is the steed of him who flights
On a Springtime day the roadway that brings about home.
BAI JUYI, “After Passing the Evaluation”

Though the fire of the heart may have perished its core
Unto ashes and dust– though the head have transformed hoar
Ere its time, as the surfs o’er the breakers that foam–.
Still, a tear will develop when we assume after Home.

He that enjoys not his spouse and kids feeds a lioness at home and broods a nest of griefs.

JEREMY TAYLOR, Twenty-Seven Sermons.

Home is the seminary of all other establishments. There are the roots of all public prosperity, the structures of the State, the bacteria of the church. There is all that in the child makes the future guy; all that in the guy makes the good person.

E. H. CHAPIN, Living Words.

Home must be an oratorio of the memory, vocal singing to all our after life tunes and also consistencies of old appreciated joy.

HENRY WARD BEECHER, Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit.


It is relaxed to leave one’s home; not due to the fact that traveling does not require varied as well as challenging daily activities, but because it eliminates our obligations.

ANDRÉ MAUROIS, An Art of Living.

Tips Super Mudah Dapat Ridha Allah. :P

Saya mau kasi tips SUPER mudah untuk dapetin ridha Allah melalui ridha orang tua.

Sebelumnya kita mesti tau dulu posisi orang tua dalam agama kita itu kayak apa sih.

Kata Rasulullah SAW,

“tidak ada haq yang lebih besar setelah Allah dan RasulNya, melebihi haq kedua Ibu Bapak”

Kasarnya, urutan yang mesti kita muliakan itu adalah:

1. Allah
2. Rasulullah SAW
3. Ibu
4. Ayah

Mohon maaf karena sepertinya tips (baca trik) ini hanya berlaku untuk laki-laki. Haha

Lakukan ini:

Shalat berjamaah 5 waktu selalu di masjid dan selalu awal waktu. Sebelum pergi, lu salim dah tu ama Ayah ama Ibu. Biasanya ntar pasti ada doa-doa singkat gitu. “semoga semakin shaleh”, “ya Allah, beri rahmat selalu” dll dll

Bayangin sehari 5 kali shalat. Kali dua (Ibu + Ayah). Paling nggak sehari 10x didoain.

Dengan salim doang.

Belum doa-doa abis shalat mereka.

Coba deh praktek.

Awal-awal mungkin kikuk ya. Awkward gitu. Tapi lama-lama jadi biasa kok.

*pengalaman orang*

3 ilmu biar hidup nggak stress. (by Habib Novel Alaydrus)

Di akhir zaman ini kan banyak orang yang stress, pusing, puyeng, dst.

Merasa kok masalahnya berat banget, nggak kunjung selesai.

Nah ini ada 3 ilmu/tips dari Habib Novel Alaydrus agar hidup lebih nyantai.

Yuk disimak..

1. Jangan pernah mikir soal dunia.

Utang banyak, jangan dipikirin. Anak belum bayaran sekolah, jangan dipikirin. Istri ngomel terus, jangan dipikirin. Toko kebakaran, selow aja, jangan dipikirin.

Dipikirin emang akan nyelesaiin masalah?

Mikir aja ibadah kita, nasib kita di akhirat, dosa-dosa kita, dst. Mikir shalat kita udah sempurna belum ya. Zikir udah cukup belum ya. Hadir majelis mesti ditingkatkan ni. Dll

Ntar perkara-perkara dunia kayak di atas itu Allah yang ngurus.

Caranya gimana?

Pokoknya Allah yg ngurus, ntar ketauan kok gimana jalan keluarnya.

2. Semua yang Allah taqdirkan ke kita itu baik.

Allah itu baik. Yang Allah taqdirkan ke kita juga baik.

Allah kasi kaya, itu baik, jangan minta miskin krn kok susah kelola duit.

Allah kasi miskin, itu baik, jangan ngeluh, kalau Allah kasih kita kaya, terus malah jadi kayak Tsa’labah, yang zakatnya pun Allah udah nggak mau terima, mau?

Dan, since semua hal adalah taqdir Allah, maka semua keadaan kita saat ini adalah baik.

Clear ya?

3. Masalah itu tidak ada, kenapa?, karena Allah udah menciptakan solusi.

Inna ma’al ‘usri yusran.

Setiap ada kesulitan, minimal ada 2 kemudahan.

Ini Allah yang bilang lho, kalau ragu, ada yg salah dengan iman kita.

Hutang banyak, 100jt, besok orangnya mau ambil, kalau gak bayar, rumah mau diambil, masalah bukan?

Iya, awalnya itu masalah, tapi karena Allah udah nyiptain solusi/kemudahan/kebaikannya, jadinya itu bukan masalah lagi.

Solusinya apa?

Udah nggak usah mikir, balik lagi ke nomor 1, mikir ibadah dan akhirat aja, ntar Allah kasih jalan.

Mikir shalat aja, puasa, zikir, shalawat, hadir majelis ilmu, baik sama orang tua, banyakin shadaqah, shalat berjamaah-awal waktu-shaf depan, tilawah, dll. Udah gitu-gitu aja. Ntar Allah kasih jalan.

Kalau 3 ilmu ini udah khatam, udah nempel di hati, plong udah idup, selow, kayak Habib Novel noh. Butuh duit milyaran tapi senyummmmmm aja beliau tiap ceramah.

Tips buang air kecil, hal penting yang sering dianggap sepele

Kata Rasulullah SAW:

“Bersihkanlah diri dari kencing. Karena kebanyakan siksa kubur berasal dari bekas kencing tersebut.”

Dalam hadits yang laen:

“Suatu hari Rasulullah saw melewati kebun diantara kebun-kebun di Madinah. Tiba-tiba beliau mendengar suara dua orang yang sedang di siksa di dalam kuburnya” Kemudian Rasulullah SAW. bersabda: Keduanya di azab, tetapi bukan karena masalah besar (dalam anggapan keduanya) lalu bersabda – benar (dalam riwayat lain: Sesungguhnya ia masalah besar) salah satunya tidak meletakkan sesuatu untuk melindungi diri dari percikkan air kencingnya dan yang satu lagi suka mengadu domba“.

Ini ada tutorial singkat dari saya:

1. Jangan kencing sambil berdiri, kencinglah sambil jongkok
2. Berdirikan kaki kiri, pantat kiri letakkan di tumit kiri bagian belakang
3. Bungkukkan badan sedikit
4. Buang air kecil sampai habis, arahkan ke lobang WC biar gak terpercik kemana-mana.
5. Kalau udah kelar, tekan bagian bawah dekat dubur beberapa kali
6. Berdehem beberapa kali sambil nekan bagian perut dengan dehem tersebut (Rasul yang suruh)
7. Jika masi berasa bersisa, jika perlu, berdiri lalu duduk beberapa kali, (saya coba berdiri-duduk beberapa kali, kadang ada sisa kencing yg keluar, kadang nggak. Nah keluarnya kayak nggak berasa, jadi kalau nggak hati-hati, nggak dicek, nggak ketauan).
8. Urut kemaluan 3 kali biar air kencing habis semua (kalau cowok, cewek gak tau dah)
9. Siram WC nya dulu, hati-hati biar percikan gak kena ke pakaian atau badan
10. Siram kemaluan/tempat keluarnya kencing, pelan-pelan biar airnya memercik
11. Siram kaki, paha, pantat yang sekira-kira kena percikan kencing
12. Done

Sama jangan lupa celana, celana dalam, sarung dll dibuka dulu aja.

Pernah nggak merasa ada sisa air kencing yang keluar?

Well, itu bukan perasaan, segera ganti celana!

Untuk lebih jelasnya bisa baca atau nonton ceramah-ceramah dari para ulama.

Ribet memang, dan lama, tapi harus kita perhatikan benar-benar ini, harus serius. Daripada dapat azab kubur gara-gara air kencing, mau? Nggak keren amat.

Allah dulu, usaha belakangan.

Saya punya beberapa guru ngaji, orang-orang shaleh, dengan pemahaman yang bagus.

Nah salah satu guru ngaji saya ini, cara berpikirnya itu mirip banget dengan Habib Novel Alaydrus.

Saya akan ceritakan 2 hal tentang beliau.

Cerita pertama.

Beliau secara financial tuh biasa aja setau saya. Namanya orang shaleh itu biasanya nggak pengen yang aneh-aneh.

Nah suatu hari beliau pengen mobil. Mungkin udah merasa butuh.

Yang beliau lakukan apa?

Kalau kita kan kerja, jualan, nabung, kerja lagi, scale up, dst.

Nah beliau pake cara mudah:

Doa, zikir, shalawat, doa, zikir, dst. Gitu-gitu aja. Persis kayak Ilmunya Habib Novel Alaydrus.

Kata beliau,

“tidak lama, sekitar 4 bulan sejak saya mulai doa, alhamdulillah bisa beli mobil”

(note: beliau cerita begini cuma di pengajian, ke kami-kami aja biar cara pikirnya berubah, nggak mungkin cerita bebas ke luar)

4 bulan! Punya penghasilan 50jt/bulan juga belum tentu cukup.

Cerita kedua.

Beliau cerita pengen banget umrah. Bahkan pernah pas cerita kayak mau nangis gitu.

Beliau bilang,

“harus yakin sama Allah, minta Allah kasih kesempatan utk umrah, minta Allah apapun, doa jangan putus-putus, zikir siang malam”

Kurang lebih begitu.

Sekitar 1-2 bulan kemudian, saya ketemu abis shalat Jumat. Katanya beliau besok Sabtu mau ke Banda Aceh ngurus visa (kalau nggak salah) untuk umroh.

Saya rada-rada merinding.

Bagi yang biasa umroh mungkin biasa aja ya.

Tapi bagi yang belum pernah, itu wah banget lho.

Apalagi cuma modal doa.

Yang pengen saya sampaikan adalah, orang-orang shaleh itu, nggak mau pake cara capek, mending pake cara mudah dan Allah juga suka.

Orang-orang shaleh (yang saya nggak termasuk golongan ini) sehari-hari sibukin diri dengan ibadah aja. Duit, mobil, dll mah ntar juga datang sendiri.

Kita sehari-sehari sibuk sama dunia. Akhirnya dunia nggak dapet, akhirat apalagi.

Pasti ada yang komplain,

“lho tapi kan usaha juga harus!?”

Itu nggak usah dibahas!

Kerja ya kerja. Jualan ya jualan. Ngantor ya ngantor. Udah jelas itu. Nggak usah dibahas.


Jangan ada di kepala kita, rizki dari Allah itu datangnya dari usaha-usaha kita.

Allah bisa kasih dengan sebab (usaha), bisa juga tanpa sebab.

Jangan kecil-kan Allah.

Ibadah apa yang paling baik?

Nabi Muhammad pernah ditanya oleh 3 orang berbeda dengan pertanyaan yang sama:

“ibadah apakah yang paling baik?”

Beliau menjawab dengan jawaban yang berbeda-beda ke masing-masing penanya.

“ibadah yang paling baik adalah jihad”

Ke yang satunya,

“ibadah yang paling baik adalah berbakti kepada orang tua”

Ke yang lain beliau bersabda,

“ibadah yang paling baik adalah sedekah”

Kemudian ditanya oleh sahabat,

“ya Rasul, pertanyaannya sama tapi kenapa jawabannya berbeda?”

Beliau jawab,

“Si fulan paling takut kalau diajak jihad. Si fulan tidak baik dgn org tuanya. Si fulan sangat pelit dengan harta”


Ibadah yang paling baik adalah ibadah yang PALING SULIT / PALING TERASA BERAT / PALING MALAS kita lakukan.

Apa itu?

Kita sendiri yang paling tau.

Note: bahasa di status ini disesuaikan dari salah satu ceramah Buya Yahya.